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So glad he (we) has you on his team of life!
Appreciate what you bring to the table immensely
Recent comment from parent of guitar student

“The Obi-Wan Kenobi of guitar teachers”
-parent of 14 yr old.

“Phenomenal teacher”
- unsolicited referral, Nov. 2013

Home Studio Recording Workshop

A five day workshop where participants learn about recording to their computer.
Topics to be covered include recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. Through the use of video tutorials and hands-on demostrations students will record at least one song from start to finish. Mic placement, recording drums, vocals and instruments, equipment setup, use of effects, troubleshooting and more will be learned.

This is an educational workshop. Students should bring pen/pencil and notebook for note taking. There will be some technical information involved but the hands-on recording will make it fun. No equipment is necessary but if the student has a laptop with recording software it is a plus. Audacity is a free recording program to get started on.

Hours: 11am-3pm. Tuesday, Aug. 18th- Saturday, Aug 22nd.
At Anjel Blue Studios,
Anjel Blue Rehearsal Studios / Nyack Music School

Now offering lessons/prep geared towards NYMSSA in Jazz Guitar.

Congratulations to Evan F. for getting 90 on NYSSMA Jazz Guitar 2015 level 5!!!
Job well done!!! 28, 28 AND 27 for the last three years!!!!

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Guitar Shopper
Let me help you make the right choice for a guitar, amp, recording gear and more.
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Rockland Rock Band Camp

Recording Guitar With The Computer
Garageband Lessons/Tutoring/Help

You have a Mac and create music but do not know how to get the most out of GarageBand? Trouble recording on your PC?
Do not know the best way to get the best sound?
I have been using GarageBand since the first day it came out. I have done demonstrations in Apple stores with midi guitar and Garageband.
I have been doing computer recording for over 10 years with Logic and Garageband. Extensive Midi guitar experience!!

Make your own recordings. Create your own loops. Add more loops and sounds. Record with the software instruments. Add original music to your home movies!!

Learn how to connect the equipment, how to optimize your system and more.
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Webcams lessons are a possibility.

Email me or call me for more information. 845-709-5930.

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